12" x 18" Rules Reminder

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Avoid strikes for your STR and keep guests aware of the City of Palm Springs rules with our "Light Touch" Reminder of the City Rules.

Our standard heavy-duty aluminum holds up to the harsh Palm Springs weather.

Sign comes pre-drilled, ready to mount on any surface. Mounting hardware not included. Post not included. Compatible with this post from Amazon.

Dimensions: 12" x 18"


• 63 mil thick aluminum.

• Printed with 3M inks and materials.

• For use indoors or outdoors.

• Rounded corners.

• Includes large holes for easy mounting.

Shipping: Free delivery within the City of Palm Springs

Text on sign reads:

The City of Palm Springs would like to remind you of the following rules:

*No Over-Occupancy

*Keep Voices Quiet and Respectful

*Absolutely No Outside Music

*No Inside Music Audible Outside

Neighbors are provided a 24-hour hotline to report disturbances. Guests will be fined $500 by the City and will be evicted.

* Please note, although this sign has not been reviewed or explicitly authorized by the City of Palm Springs, it was developed using the Palm Springs municipal code and ordinance 1918 applicable to guests visiting the City.

The relevant section is as follows in section 5.25.090 Violations of Ordinance number 1918.:

(a) Any person who violates a provision of this Chapter is subject to criminal sanctions and administrative penalties pursuant to Chapters 1.01 and 1.06 of this Code and the specific penalties as provided in this Chapter. Any person who uses, or allows the use of, residential property in violation of the provisions in this Chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor for each day in which such residential property is used, or allowed to be used, in violation of this Chapter. An administrative citation issued pursuant to Chapter 1.06 for a first violation shall be five hundred dollars ($500) and each subsequent violation shall be one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars. Each administrative citation for a violation of any provision of this Chapter shall be levied or assessed against the Owner.

(b) Upon the third violation in any twelve month period, the City Manager shall suspend the Vacation Rental Certificate for two (2) years.

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